Dienstag, 16. März 2010

walk'n'talk Communicator for Android

Listen, learn and talk English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish anywhere at anytime!
Don't get left behind while the world is moving ahead!
Benefit from more than 1800 words and phrases commonly used on the road, voice response, and a fast gesture-based search!

With walk'n'talk Communicator you can learn English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish while being at home, in a café, or traveling even as you do not have access to the Internet.
All words and phrases are stored within the application. Just start the application and you are ready to learn by listening to all words and phrases by means of voice response.

The application is divided up into three areas:

  • Category

  • Enumeration

  • Search


In the category tab you can choose between different topics such as "About me" or "Acquaintances".
The following topic are available:

  • About me

  • Acquaintances

  • Apology

  • Bathroom

  • Camping

  • Car

  • Clock

  • Comprehension

  • Congratulations

  • Greeting

  • Health

  • Help

  • In a conversation

  • In the hotel

  • Post

  • Restaurant

  • Shoppping

  • Travel


The enumeration tab offers you topics such as "Numbers", "Colors", and "Body".
Here you can find more than 25 different topics to choose from.


The search tab offers you the possibility to search for all words and phrases available within the application.
Simply type in the first letter of a word or phrase and you immediately will get a result list.
By typing letter by letter the result list will be refined.

An absolutely great opportunity for text input is to use gestures.
Simply write letter by letter with your finger on the display and the application will recognize it.
The recognition of gestures works spelling independent, which means that for instance a "c" also represents a "ç", as used in the French word "ça". You can even omit spaces.
In any case walk'n'talk Communicator will find and display the result.


walk'n'talk Communicator offers you the possibility to store your name and the city where you live.

By doing so the application will show your name and your city within the phrases "My name is ..." and "I live in ...".

Don't get left behind while the world is moving ahead! Download your demo version of walk'n'talk Communicator from the Android Market right now!!!